Lately I’ve found myself sitting at the window, staring out wondering at the world, when suddenly a raven or jay dives from above, seemingly from nowhere, careening and floating on the late Summer breeze. They remind me to breathe deeply and flit with the flow of changing winds. 

From this comes the Serenity Collection.. may it uplift your spirits and bring you strength.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, acclaimed artist Patty Nelson forms each piece by hand at her studio in hilly Berkeley, California. From fine jewelry to hand-wrought gates and sidewalk assemblages, Patty’s process-driven textural sculptures delight the eye and ignite the imagination.

Wings Collection

Gold and silver dance in this collection's array of earrings, cuffs, rings, and necklaces inspired by the captivating and resilient Dragonfly: an eternal symbol of personal change, consciousness, and self-realization. 

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Garden Collection

My garden is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Before I even open my eyes I start to wonder what changes I will find. I am filled with curiosity and inspiration that carries me through the day.

Cultivating a garden is a transformative endeavor, much like forming metal and stone into jewelry. Thoughtfully tended from etching bath to final patina, each piece of jewelry is individually wrought by hand and entirely unique.

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